Clothes to Wear

Q: How much of your body must be covered while visiting?

For most places around Israel you can wear whatever you like. However, certain parts of Israel contain more religious communities. For example, approximately 1/3rd of the population in Jerusalem are religious Jews. Another 1/3rd are Arabs. Both observant Jews and Arabs may be offended by a lady who was not wearing a lot of clothes. There are a few neighborhoods that are very religious like Me'ah She'arim and the Old City in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak close to Tel Aviv. Even for the Old City you can probably wear whatever you want but they may stop you or complain closer to the Western Wall. In these neighborhoods and areas you would be a bit more careful with clothes.

In those areas a lady would probably not want to wear a bikini, a tank top or low-cut top or a short skirt. And a guy would probably not want to wear a vest or something like that.

At the same time people in Jerusalem, including observant people, are probably quite used to tourists, including tourists who dress inappropriately.

If you are visiting during summer in Tel Aviv or the coastal cities you will probably find many people who are in their swimming shorts and bikinis.

Use your discretion and observe your environment, and as a general rule rather wear too many clothes than too few. You can always take some off later if needed.

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