Gilgal Rephaim = Shang Di (Shaddai) worship from Bereshit/Genesis 1-11

by Galinda Nelson
(South Africa)

When G-d confused the language of the world (Bereshyt 11, some of the sons of Shem moved East and founded Shinar. They carried with them much of the traditions from Bereshyt 1-11, much of which is locked up in their Kanji (ideographic/pictographic writing system). See this website for pictures which are exactly the same, which tells clearly where the origin of Gilgal Rephaim comes from
and see the book: Genesis and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve" by Ethel R. Nelson & Richard E. Broadberry.
I chanced upon the picture on p 12 today and got really excited, as I'd read the book many years ago and used it for reference since then, and didn't expect to find this just a few days after discovering also by chance Gilgal Rephaim on the internet.

Sadly, the border sacrifices were stopped with the revolution of 1911.

I do believe that Tanakh and Jewish tradition has the more complete and pure records, as many influences have come into Chinese culture and religion. However, Judaism has also been quite influenced, and we should always try to return to the original Words of Shang Di / Shaddai who is Elohym-יהוה , and we should always try to live His Words in Spirit and in Truth, seeking Him for guidance always.

Shalom, Galinda

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