Israel Food... The Unspoken
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Mmmm… I got you interested now, didn’t I?

While traveling in Israel food quickly becomes an important part of the trip. It is simply delicious! Israeli food could probably be the subject of an entire web site.

The food in Israel is extremely varied but with a strong orientation to other Mediterranean food. Very fresh. A lot of salads, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat and fish.

Food in Israel


Israeli hummus

By far the most popular salad dish in Israel is hummus. This is a chickpea dip that you eat by wiping it using pita bread. Done right with tahini/tahina souce, spices and some pickles on the side, the hummus is an unbeatable appetizer.

The hummus can appear in many variations. Notable additions include broad beans named ful, mushrooms, pine nuts and meat. Most Israelis will swear by their hummus bar/stand/restaurant, and will argue endlessly to prove why and what makes this hummus the best.

Try this awesome hummus recipe.

Here you can find an easy tahini recipe.

To enjoy the hummus fully you will need a few pieces of pita bread. Try this simple pita bread recipe.

Falafel and Shawarma

Israeli falafel

In the Israel food arena there are many popular dishes to choose from, but in the street food in Israel there are two kings that rule: The falafel and its meaty cousin the shawarma.

The falafel, like the hummus, is basically chickpeas that are made into balls and deep fried.

Usually the falafel is served in a pita bread with a bunch of salads that you can stuff together.

Here is a great falafel recipe.

Israeli Shawarma

The shawarma is a famous dish throughout the middle east, and Israel is no exception. It is made out of cut lamb or beef, but more usually turkey. In Israel it is served in pita bread or lafa – a big pita similar in size to a burrito. The falafel and shawarma are often sold at the same stand or restaurant.

I do not recommend trying to cook the shawarma at home, but if you do want to try – I added this page with a video recipe that will show you how.

Other popular salads that go well with either falafel or shawarma are the babaganush eggplant dip, and the Israeli salad (mixed vegetables chopped really small). See further below for more info on both of these...

Here is a picture of a few salads...

Israeli Salads

Israeli Salad

Israeli Salad

The Israeli vegetable salad goes very well with all the above dishes or just by itself. The main secret is just to chop the vegetables as small as humanly possible. Okay, maybe not quite that small but you get the idea…

My family is using this recipe for a delicious Israeli salad.

A somewhat similar dish is the extremely popular tabouli salad.

Baba Ghanoush - Eggplant Salad with Tahini

Baba Ghanoush or Babaghanoush is an eggplant dip that is similar in texture to hummus – in a lot of restaurants those two are served side by side. However if you order Baba Ghanoush in a restaurant in Israel the likely response would be Baba What?!? You see in Israel it is simply called eggplant salad (in tahini). This salad comes in Israel most often in its original form mixed with tahini, however you can also find it in a mayonnaise form – meaning the eggplants are mixed in mayo. Both taste great if they are well prepared.

Here is a terrific Baba Ghanoush recipe.

Baba Ghanoush, the greatest eggplant salad!Baba Ghanoush, the greatest eggplant salad!


This funny name refers to an Israeli egg/tomato dish. It simply means "all mixed up." Unlike other dishes that originated elsewhere in the world andmade its way to Israel with immigrants, the shakshuka is an original Israel food concoction!

It is very easy to make and takes very little time. And done right the taste is awesome!!! Usually you eat that dish with pita bread or white fresh bread that you kind of dip into the shakshuka sauce.

The shakshuka is the type of dish that many people cook at home usually, however you can see it from time to time in restaurants too, and there is even a restaurant in Jaffa called Dr. Shakshuka.

You will love this shakshuka recipe.

Here is a picture of a shakshuka dish I made:


Cholent or Hamin

Cholent or haminPicture of the Cholent by Lior Bakalu.

The cholent is the ultimate Jewish dish. It is composed of beans, potatoes, beef/chicken, eggs and a few other ingredients that are cooked for quite some time – overnight actually. It tastes soooo good when prepared the right way.

Ashkenazy Jews (Jews from Europe) call that dish cholent and the Sephardic Jews (from North Africa) refer to it as hamin. Hamin is derived from the word Ham which simply means "hot" in Hebrew.

The purpose of the cholent was to solve a Jewish problem – since you cannot work on Sabbath and cooking is considered work – how can you eat a hot meal on Sabbath?!? The Jews came up with the brilliant solution of preparing the dish on Friday and letting it cook overnight on Saturday. The tradition still holds today and most people eat the cholent/hamin on Saturday for lunch usually.

If you have patience and time follow my Cholent/Hamin recipe – it pays off in taste. Note: Cholent might give you some gas…


Jews from North Africa brought a few awesome couscous recipes with them to Israel. Check this out if you like freshly made couscous.

Limonana - the Israeli Lemonade

Limonana is the Israeli version of lemonade. By far it is the most tasteful and refreshing lemonade you will come across. For real!

Check out my Israeli lemonade recipe.

Limonana - Israeli LemonadeLimonana - Israeli Lemonade

Shnitzel or Schnitzel - Chicken Made Easy

Shnitzel is a key item in Israel food – especially for kids - and you will find it pretty much in every kitchen. What is it? It is fried chicken breast covered with bread crumbs. Done right it is really delicious.

Try my awesome shnitzel recipe.

Home-made Israeli SchnitzelHome-made Israeli Schnitzel

Beef Kabobs

Kabobs or kababs are the Israeli burger... sort of. Made out of ground beef and grilled. They are soft and tasty.

Check out my beef kabob recipe.

A few Israeli beef kabobs I made at homeA few beef kabobs I made at home. You can do it too...

Something Sweet

Try this wonderful Baklava recipe.

Israeli Breakfast

You are going to love this one. For people who visited the country already, the experience of Israel food is most notably remembered through the huge breakfast buffet that is served in most hotels. To make it even better this breakfast is included in the price of your hotel room.

The typical Israel buffet breakfast is based on many dairy products (my favorite is the awesome cold cucumber soup), all sorts of eggs, fish, fruits and pretty much whatever you desire. This breakfast will get you going. Don’t get up too late or you will miss it.

An Israeli buffet breakfastAn Israeli buffet breakfast

Wine from Israel

Do you like good wine? Wine from Israel is gaining recognition and winning taste competitions around the world. While traveling in Israel you can stop at one of the many wineries to learn more about wine producing and to enjoy great Israeli wine.

Different kinds of wine from IsraelDifferent kinds of wine from Israel.

Check out our list of the Best Israeli Snacks

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